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Company Profile

South West Kerbing is an independent Australian company, specialising in the construction of concrete kerb and gutter, kerb only, laybacks, footpaths and various other machine laid kerbs.

The company is owned and run by Peter Houghton and was established over 25 years ago. Currently we work for the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales (R.T.A.), Councils (both Metropolitan & country) as well as contractors. We have experience in both roadworks and carparks.

We have available five (5) crews consisting of four (4) men, and have all the standard moulds. Each mould profile has been outlined in the Projects section.

All our crew leaders have at least fifteen (15) years experience in kerb and gutter construction. They are all competent to carry out the work that they are assigned and perform to the standard that we have set out in our Quality Manual.

All work bookings must be made by phone then by written facsimile to our office. All dealings with regards to bookings and specifications are to be directed to Mrs Lin Close. Lin has been with our company for sixteen (16) years and is familiar with all details with regards to site, machinery and mould profiles.

All necessary excavation and setting up of the job is to be done prior to our company arriving on site. The site is to be excavated out to the correct depth for the kerb, with all survey pegs in place with levels marked on them. The site is to be inspected by council (if required) before confirming job booking.

All materials for the job are to be supplied by your company as we just supply labour and machinery only.

All kerbs are to be extruded by machine, except for small sections where the machine cannot finish off. Runs six (6) metres or less, either done with machine or boards, will be classified as boardwork and will be charged as such. This does not suggest that we will undertake large sections of boardwork. Only small sections will be completed by boards where necessary. Any job intended for boardwork will not be entered into unless negotiations have taken place prior to accepting the job.

Our company holds current policies for Workers' Compensation, Public Liability, is registered with the Long Service Leave Board, participates in the Superannuation Scheme and follows the guidelines for O.H.S. & R management systems. All our employees have the WorkCover (aka) Green Card.

We have accreditation in establishing a Quality System that conforms with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.

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